Postcard Examples for Real Estate

Real estate firms use Cardigent to send better postcard campaigns. Our specialty is helping realtors build authority in an area by targeting specific neighborhoods. Our goal is to help realtors generate new clients. Keep reading to find out how to design a postcard that will close the deal.


Make The Postcard Pop

Your postcard's design needs to stand out so that it captures the attention of a potential client. If you make good choices in your branding, you can make prospective customers in your targeted area remember you down the road. 

An eye-catching design starts with a great color scheme. Then, look at the layout. One heading and a couple of subheadings will usually do the trick. You want to make sure that the eye is being drawn to the right places, such as a call to action.

Century 21-Realtor-Postcard.jpg

Postcard Targeting

You'll get better conversion rates by mailing to the right neighborhoods. You can use Cardigent's software to mail your postcards to specific geographies based on demographic data. 

This postcard from Century 21 targets seniors who are looking for help to downsize their home. The postcard's objective is clear. Additionally, Cardigent's software can be used to target households with a high median age.  


Realtor Sells Home Postcard.jpg

Personalizing Real Estate Postcards

The most effective postcard design for realtors is to personalize every campaign. Try adding the neighborhood's name, and recent sales or offerings. Another trick is to include market trends, housing data, local testimonials, and other informative content. 

Coldwell Banker Postcard Marketing.jpg

Keep It Clear and Simple

You don't want to overwhelm people with any aspect of your postcards. Postcards for real estate agents should be clear and feature a clean design. The most important elements of your postcard will be your offer, your call to action and your contact information. Don't let those things get cluttered with complex design elements and wordy sales pitches.


Test and Optimize Your Postcard Design

Your 20th campaign should always generate better results than your first postcard. Realtors can take these three steps to improve the postcard's conversion rate and ROI:

  1. Clear Call to Action: Motivate prospects to make an appointment.

  2. Source Tracking: Use call tracking and website landing pages so that you know the source of every client. This way you can see exactly how many leads your postcard campaign generates. 

  3. Postcard Optimization:  Take time to analyze the results of your campaign. Try testing different variations of your postcard.

Cardigent's team is always available to help you set up tracking and to test new postcard designs. 


Running a Postcard Marketing Campaign

Creating postcards for real estate agents doesn't have to be complicated. Using these tips will allow you to create an effective marketing tool to grow your business. Ready to start designing your first postcard? Cardigent's team can help you craft the perfect campaign.