Send Better Postcard Campaigns

Cardigent lowers customer acquisition costs by leveraging data to variably print postcards and then delivers them for less. 

Bulk Postcards for Dentists
Postcard Marketing for Caterers
Realtor Postcard

Full Service Postcard Marketing

Caridgent makes sending a postcard marketing campaign easier than sending email. Every campaign includes design, printing, and mailing the postcards to your targeted neighborhoods.  We'll even help you Identify the right metrics to evaluate your campaign to prove ROI. 


Postcard design

Our team will create you an eye-catching postcard design that's intelligently optimized for conversion. Our design and targeting tools are made to increase conversion rates and improve ROI. Have your own creative? We can use that, too! 

Powerful Targeting & Printing 

There's no need to purchase a mailing list or worry about printing. Cardigent's platform gives marketers access to datasets that enables postcard marketing campaigns to target specific neighborhoods based on demographic data. 

Postcard Targeting Software

Cheap Postage

Mailing Your Postcard is Included

Just relax! Our team takes care of bundling, sorting and delivering the postcards to the post office. We'll make sure that your campaign gets delivered on schedule so that you can focus on following up on the campaign's leads and exceeding the expectations of your clients. 


Advanced Area Mail

Our software enables you to deliver postcards to a targeted group of neighborhoods for less than a traditional direct mail campaign would cost. 

Cardigent's coaching team helps optimize your campaign with targeting based on demographics and your existing customer list. Plus, we monitor each and every campaign with call tracking and reporting so that you know you're getting a return on your investment. 

There's no need to purchase a mailing list, printing or bringing the postcards to the post office. Our team of designers will even take care of creative to best suit your postcard campaign's message.